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Clear Bra Paint Protection Films are intended to protect against rocks chips, road debris, bug acids, and more! We use Xpel's DAP cutting program to cut all kits in house. We don't have to wait for kits to come in or hope that they fit correctly when they get here. We can manipulate many patterns to adjust for special sizing or custom coverage not offered in a ready-to-cut kit. Coverage can be tailored to fit areas of concern or budget. Pricing is based on specific details of your car, (i.e. year, make, model, etc...) and how much coverage you choose. We have covered many whole cars!

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Commercial Window Films are typically the same films used as in Residential applications. And both are referred to as flat glass films. Most Commercial applications are needed for the same reasons as Residential. However, the most common commercial needs are things like glare, heat, and/or privacy. We occasionally run into the need for safety & security as well. Sometimes we also have requests for decorative films to brighten up some glassed areas with a unique look. Decorative films offer a huge selection of designs and patterns.


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Residential Window Films can improve the comfort and appearance of your home. They also offer protection for your contents like floors, furnishings, artwork, and pictures. Most window films offer up to 99% UV rejection. The most common damage coming from the sun is fading. Fading is mostly caused by UV rays, heat, and light. Ask us about protecting your investments and improving the comfort of your home today!

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Yours vehicles headlights can take a beating from everyday travels. They get pitted from small road debris. They oxidize and can turn yellow or cloudy over time. Sometimes they can be a hazard to your visibility at night and can fail inspections. We can resurface your headlights and then install a protective film to keep them looking shiny and clear for years to come. If you have a new car and want to make sure the lenses don't get damaged or cloudy just ask for the protective film kit for new lenses. 

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Automotive Window Tint enhances the look of your vehicle and can also improve your driving comfort. It also offers privacy, UV rejection, and heat rejection. We offer a full line of traditional films as well as high performance IR heat rejection films. For a closer look at how films actually perform, come by the shop and check out our heat lamp display. You can see the numbers from each films data sheets, then see how the BTU meter reads each films performance, and most can feel for yourself how much heat can be rejected!  

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